D.O.C. and Fab Lab Chch have built a green wall for Christchurch Central

The Urban Living Wall project is a collaboration between social enterprises, local government departments, schools and individuals. We envision a living wall that is educational about the choice of native plants and the benefits of a living green wall. It is designed and manufactured locally using old and new technology such wood carving, ceramics, and 3D printers. Through this project we aim to create urban spaces and make nature a part of the cities fabric, with more places for plants, insects, spiders, small creatures, biodiversity and a greener urban environment. It is an open source, community oriented installation located on the corner of Cashel and High Street in Christchurch Central. 

The idea of this green wall emerged late 2014 from a conversation between The Department of Conservation and AUT. Soon after that, the Fab Lab Chch was recognized as the perfect production and design development facility. 

The Urban Living Wall was launched on Friday the 8th of May on the corner of Cashel Street and High Street, with the help of local organisations schools and driven individuals.

Launch of the Urban Living Wall on May 8th.

Making data and education easily accessible

All of the files used to produce the walls components are open source and available on 'work' tab of this website when you scroll down to each of the components. We will create instructions for people to make their own living wall so keep checking the website. We see the potential in this project to grow nationwide and even globally.

Below is our promotional video we used while creating our urban living wall. Have a look to 'meet' some of the people who were involved.

To find out more about the work and design development involved and info about the incooperated plants check out WORK and BACKGROUND.

Click on Department of Conservation and Fab Lab Chch to find out more about these organisations.

View the map for the location.